Flowerstalk of London

About Us

Flowerstalk has become one of the leading Internet florists. But it didn't begin here!

Most online sites that sell flowers were created recently to take advantage of the marketing opportunity that the Internet offered. We were founded as florists, many years ago. We are first and foremost florists - highly skilled and professional florists not flower arrangers. You can see the quality of our flowers and our designs in our shops - the same quality you get online, with no compromises!

Our experience and expertise allows us to offer you the best possible local and online flower shopping.

Our flowers and foliage are purchased direct from the auctions in Holland, South of France & Italy whilst our plants are sourced mainly from Denmark, Holland, Belgium & Italy. We do not buy anything from flower markets or wholesalers. We feel they cannot deliver the quality and standards that we demand, and you the customer deserve. Please place an order and experience the Flowerstalk quality and commitment yourself - we guarantee 100% you will be completely delighted.

We are very passionate about quality of our flowers, plants and the work we do. Leading the industry in new designs and varieties we are always the first to acquire the best, new and unusual. As an example, when a new rose is introduced, Flowerstalk is often the sole supplier in the UK for at least the first 3-6 months.

The same goes for new designs. Our designers have always been a source of inspiration for other florists who visit us for ideas.

Another area in which we excel is Corporate and Private functions. In cases where displays need to be built on site, we will arrange the most convenient time with you in order to ensure that there is no disruption to your business.

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